The world's easiest-to-use cleaner for Mac OS X
that includes everything you may ever need to keep
you Mac clean and fast. Always.

Clean your Mac

Have you ever considered making your Mac cleaner?
CleanMyMac is able to do that. Every Mac is full of such useless files as caches, logs, system junk, apps leftover, fat binaries and much other needless data. CleanMyMac will help you to clean up those along with all the apps, plugins, extensions and widgets that are often unnecessary for most common users.

Speed up your Mac

When you have your Mac clean, it doesn't load huge files on its start. It doesn't force you to wait while the applications are loading. It doesn't fill the RAM with unnecessary plugins and widgets. Everything works smoothly and just like it was intended. Clean your Mac to make it work even more effectively and faster.

Free up space*

Yearly cleaned by advanced Mac user
Monthly cleaned by average Mac user
Initially cleaned by CleanMyMac user
The above info reflects the average amount of cleaned data, which was shared in Facebook and Twitter via built-in CleanMyMac functionality by CleanMyMac users.

Perfect Mac disk utility

Every Mac with a built-in HDD and especially SSD needs a regular maintenance. As a tremendous piece of Mac cleaner software CleanMyMac is able not only to free up dozens of gigabytes on your drive, but also to optimize it and prolong its operating time significantly. Keep your Mac drive in perfect condition with the best Mac disk utility.

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Easy to use

Using CleanMyMac is as easy as pie even for unexperienced Mac users!

Caches cleaner

Delete useless logs & outdated cache to make your Mac running smooth.

Logs cleaner

Free up more space on your Mac by easily removing useless logs.

Language cleaner

Shrink the size of apps by up to 70% by removing unneeded languages.

Universal binaries

Remove unwanted universal binary files burdening your Mac.

Leftovers cleaner

Find leftover junk from previously removed apps and eliminate it.

Device auto cleanup

Keep your removable devices free from those annoying service files.

Intelligent uninstaller

Removing an unnecessary app has never been so easy and safe.

Plugins and extensions

Manage all of your widgets, plug-ins & preference panes from one single app.

Quick erase

Use Quick Erase to securely dispose of files without leaving a trace.

System junk

Clean out all the unneeded files so your applications can load way faster.


Locate, clean up, and empty all of the system Trash folders on your Mac.

Enjoy your Mac even more with CleanMyMac