CleanMyMac 2

A simple and powerful software
for cleaning your Mac

Why CleanMyMac 2?

Extremely easy to use

Removes data safely

Finds more junk than any other Mac cleaner

Schedules regular cleanings

Uninstalls apps and plug-ins
Love this software, it has kept my 17" MacBook Pro and my new 27" iMac running fast. I am super happy with the CleanMyMac, with approximately 2 months of use, I've saved over 161 GB of precious hard drive space.
Craig Fine
San Jose, California
Man, MacPaw seriously makes the best apps. I've been a customer for years and nothing gets my mac as clean!
Tyler Waaler
Sydney, Australia
Awesome! Thanks so much, and thanks for the great service. Love the app. DocMurdock - APPROVED & RECOMMENDED.
Michael Murdock
Huntington Beach, CA
I love CleanMyMac, this is just the best cleaner for your Mac OS X. And I am glad I have got it. So yes I'm a huge fan!
Daniel van Vliet
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Fantastic app. I had no idea how much space could have been recovered. I've always done my best to keep my drive uncluttered. Forget maintenance, this does it all and super fast. Brilliant.
Rob Benter
Couldn’t work out for the life of me why I had no space left on my hard drive... Thanks to CleanMyMac I found a 96.26 Gb .mov file hidden away. I actually recommend this program it was very helpful!
James Ronan
London, UK
Thank you so much CleanMyMac, I downloaded Cleanmymac 2 and I have never regretted it! It cleaned 20.3GB from my Mac! I have to say I am very impressed with your software and I give it 10/10.
Harrison Jones
Sydney, Australia
Free up gigabytes of space
Clean up your entire Mac
Scan every inch of your Mac and remove only the files that are 100% safe to delete.
Remove large and old files
Delete large files that you’ve forgotten about such as movies, .dmg files, and unpacked archives. The things that you've missed but won't miss.
Optimize your iPhoto library
Your Mac stores all original versions of modified pictures. Find and delete those files to free up space.
Keep your Mac organized
Super smart app uninstaller
Uninstall apps you no longer want, such as old or incompatible
apps, safely and completely.
Remove plug-ins and widgets
Review and remove unneeded widgets and preference panes,
or disable plugins that slow down your Mac.
Empty all of your Trashes
Clean out your main Trash and other app-specific Trashes
like those found in iPhoto or Aperture.
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