CleanMyMac 3

Your Mac. As good as new.
  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Powerful scanning that digs up all the junk
  • Smart one-click cleaning
  • Tools for speeding up your Mac
  • Health alerts to keep your Mac protected
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1,000,000 Macs
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Cleaner. Faster. More productive.
When everything on your Mac works twice as fast, you accomplish more every day. All you need is the right tool to make your Mac clean and fast again. CleanMyMac is perfect for the job: it removes the clutter from hard drive and speeds up your system. Plus, it’s super easy to use.
737 million GB of junk cleaned.
62 GB found on an average Mac.
10.5 million apps uninstalled.
Our users speak volumes about us.
“Going thru all my 2000 Mails to find Attachments to delete usually takes ages, but with the Mail Attachment option, it becomes easy!”
Jonathan Stapf
Munich, Germany
“I really appreciate the iTunes Junk functionality. Didn’t realize that I had so many old iOS downloads/backups.”
Mike Monteiro
New York, USA
“Wow, the iTunes cleanup cleared 16 GB!!!! I was wondering where my disk was going. Thanks!”
Steve Davis
Tel Aviv, Israel
A perfect toolkit for Mac
Uninstall apps the right way
Moving apps to the Trash is not enough to get rid of them. Plenty of leftovers stay in system folders for years after. With the Uninstaller tool you can clean up old leftovers and delete apps safely.
Clean drives and system junk
Mac has a habit of storing files you don’t need anymore, like caches and system junk. You hard drive is also usually full of old files you never took time to delete. Why not get a Mac cleaner do it for you?
Remove extra add-ons
You can easily delete, turn off, or disable any plugins or add-ons you don’t need. All the extensions are available in a single dashboard so you won’t need to open the app they are tied to.
Keep your Mac in shape for years
  • Deal with all the trash in a click
  • Scan your whole system, including iTunes, Mail, and Photos
  • Keep Mac healthy with regular cleanups and system monitors
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