Is CleanMyMac X safe and worth it? Here are the facts

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Even the most powerful and efficient Mac computers can be affected by clutter, intensive background processes, potentially unwanted apps, and malware. That's why software like CleanMyMac X is popular: it takes over macOS optimization and maintenance to make sure your Mac always runs smoothly. 

As this app deals with system junk files and your data, a question arises: Is CleanMyMac X safe to use? In this article, we break down everything there is to know about the safety and legitimacy of CleanMyMac X.    

Does Apple recommend CleanMyMac X? 

Before diving into the thorough analysis, let's remind ourselves what CleanMyMac X does. CleanMyMac X is macOS maintenance utility that helps clean up, optimize, and monitor your Mac's health, ensuring your computer is always efficient and fast. The app has collected many awards for its sleek design and easy-to-use interface and has been praised by many tech publications. 

Apple doesn't endorse any third-party software, so you won't find a list of apps Apple recommends on their official website. However, all apps available on the App Store undergo thorough testing and verification before being published.

While CleanMyMac X is a third-party software developed by MacPaw, it is available on the App Store. It has been reviewed and verified by Apple, so you can rest assured that it is safe and secure to use on your Mac.

Is CleanMyMac X safe to use?

CleanMyMac X is considered safe as it's a legitimate and widely used software utility. Let us shed more light on the CleanMyMac X safety with a few facts:

Safe scanning & removal 

CleanMyMac X only removes clutter like outdated cache files, unneeded user logs, incomplete downloads, and other items that are not system-related. Anything that's crucial for macOS stays untouched.

CleanMyMac X - Smart Scan

Robust malware protection

Powered by the intelligent anti-malware technology called Moonlock, the Malware Removal feature in CleanMyMac X helps identify and remove even the most recent types of malware. Along with real-time malware monitoring and background scans, CleanMyMac X provides top-notch malware protection.

Malware removal module of CleanMyMacX

Regular updates 

The CleanMyMac X developers regularly release updates to address bugs, improve performance, and enhance the app security. By updating CleanMyMac X as soon as the new updates are available, you can be sure it's always safe to use on a Mac. 

If you're concerned about your Mac safety, don't skip macOS updates, too: these can contain important security patches and fixes. 

Is CleanMyMac X a legitimate app? 

CleanMyMac X is a legitimate application created by MacPaw, a reputable software developer. The app has been keeping Macs clean, optimized, and secure for more than 15 years, proving its efficiency and reliability. 

However, you should only download CleanMyMac X from the official website or the App Store. We advise you to stay away from the cracked versions of the app as they can pose security issues and risks.

Is MacPaw legit? 

MacPaw is a legitimate software development company known for creating various utilities for macOS and iOS devices. With over 500 specialists on board and more than 30 million users worldwide, the company is the maker behind CleanMyMac X, Setapp, ClearVPN, CleanMy®Phone, and other award-winning software. 

Is CleanMyMac X a scam?

CleanMyMac X is a paid application that offers a free 7-day trial to let you test out all the modules and features. It is not bundled with any unwanted software, and you can remove it anytime if you don't find it helpful.

Additionally, CleanMyMac X is notarized by Apple and is compatible with the latest macOS, making it safe for your Mac.

Is CleanMyMac X worth it?

As for its worth, CleanMyMac X offers a one-year subscription costing $39.95. There is also a one-time purchase option for $89.95, which allows you to use the software forever. If your friends and family use Macs, purchasing a plan for multiple computers will help you save money, as there are quantity discounts available for plans of two and five Macs. Considering that CleanMyMac X provides Mac cleanup, optimization, maintenance, and protection in one app, it is a fairly priced application.

Can CleanMyMac X be trusted?

We've already listed some of the arguments that prove that CleanMyMac X is a safe app. Another thing to note is that CleanMyMac X has been consistently maintained and updated over time. It reflects the company's commitment to providing a reliable and trustworthy product. 

MacPaw actively interacts with its user community: you can follow CleanMyMac X on social media to stay updated on product news and future plans. Additionally, there is a responsive customer support service available to help you with any questions, issues, or suggestions that you may have.

Is CleanMyMac X available on the App Store?

Yes, CleanMyMac X is on the App Store, so go ahead and download the app to start your free trial.

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