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Will more RAM speed up my Mac?

What is RAM? Will more RAM speed up my Mac? And other frequently asked Random Access Memory questions answered right here, plus tips and tricks to enhance your MacBook's performance — let's go.

What does RAM help with?

You can consider RAM as your Mac's short-term memory. It stores lots of temporary information while you're busy working on it. It also enables your Mac to perform everyday tasks, like browsing the web, opening apps, editing documents, and more.

The more RAM your Mac has, the more information you can store and the faster your MacBook can access that information, which prompts the question from many users: will upgrading RAM increase speed?

Will more RAM make my MacBook faster?

There's no denying that more RAM will improve your Mac's output and performance, but depending on your make and model, it's more complex than buying additional RAM from Apple. Many newer Mac models have non-removable memory; check your device here. 

If you're not able to upgrade your RAM, don't worry; there's still plenty you can do to speed up your Mac.

What else can speed up Mac?

1. Restart your Mac

Unbeknown to many, restarting your Mac from the main Apple menu is one of the easiest ways to free up your RAM. This also empties your cache. Give it a go.

Restarting Mac

2. Run Maintenance 

Regular MacBook maintenance will help free up RAM, speed up your Mac, and keep it optimized. Use an Apple notarized tool like CleanMyMac X to handle maintenance tasks effortlessly. 

  1. Open the app or get the free version first.

  2. Select Maintenance > View All Tasks.

  3. Select Free Up RAM, Free Up Purgeable Space, and Run Maintenance Scripts.

  4. Click Run.

Free up Mac RAM with CleanMyMacX

Here are a few more tips to keep your Mac speedy:

  • Keep your macOS updated

  • Clean up your Desktop (you can delete unneeded files or use stacks)

  • Only install apps you really need

Does RAM affect download speed?

While boosting your RAM will help keep your device running efficiently, it won't improve your browser or download speed.

Now you know the answer to the question, 'will more memory make Mac faster?'

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